ISO 14064-2:2019
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Project Marienthal

Conversion from pine-dominated forest into a bio-diverse and structurally diverse forest

~ 161 ha in Brandenburg
Duration:  2021 - 2051

Project Description and Activities

The Marienthal project is converting over 160 hectares of a largely single-layer coniferous forest in Brandenburg into a structurally diverse mixed forest over a project period of 30 years.

At the project's start, the area was mainly dominated by pine and larch stands. Project activities such as promoting and protecting natural regeneration and planting new tree species appropriate to the location make the forest more diverse and more resistant to the increasingly frequent consequences of climate change, such as storms, drought, and beetle infestation.

Project activities

Planting of douglas fir, grand fir and European larch
Encouraging and protecting natural rejuvenation
Promoting underrepresented tree species through mixture regulation

Why we need forest adaptation


Forest areas with many tall and thin trees are more susceptible to storm damage (so-called windthrow). If, in addition, most of the trees in a section of forest are the same height, storms can lead to the loss of entire forest sections.

Forest fires

Wind plays a decisive role in the development of forest fires. In row-planted monocultures, the wind can easily push the fire through the stand, which leads to a faster spread of forest fires.

The Project Team

Pina Earth

Pina Earth

is overseeing the project from the quantification and certification side. This includes, for example, the simulation of the development of the forest over the next 30 years. Find out more here.


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